September 12, 2007

University Offers Opportunity to Study Game Development in Sweden for One Year

Sweden - Due to a special Swedish government initiative, students from around the world now have the opportunity to attend an online masters accredited games production course for one year at Gotland University's Department of Game Design, Narrative, and Time-based Media.
There is no fee for attending and the total cost for the student (course material) should be no more than $200 USD.
Sweden is known in the industry for it's skilled game developers and some successful studios, such as Starbreeze (Darkness), Dice (Battlefield 1942), Avalanche Studios (Just Cause), and Grin (Ghost Recon).
During September (the admission period) 120 students from around the world can join  in and start developing their own games. Supported by teachers who know the industry, students have a good chance to succeed in thier efforts to break into the industry.
Guest lecturers from market leading companies, such as Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft Games, Ubisoft, EA, and ID Software, also contribute to the courses with their knowledge and practical insights.
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