November 12, 2007

Swansea Institute Students Work on Ken Russell Film

Swansea, U.K. - 3D Computer Animation students from Swansea Institute’s School of Digital Media, organizers of the SAND conference, are currently working on a new film by legendary director, Ken Russell.  
The iconic filmmaker was invited to Swansea by the Institute’s centre for the creative industries (CIRIC), as part of its masters’ series. The masters’ series is designed to give CIRIC beneficiaries and clients the opportunity of working with established filmmakers and to provide them with a training tool to help them develop their careers within the Welsh video and film industry.  
Ken Russell was so impressed with the previous work that CIRIC has undertaken with Welsh filmmakers that he was pleased to come to Swansea to make his latest film using expertise from Swansea Institute’s staff and students, including those on the 3D Computer Animation program.  
The film, Boudica Bites Back, is a musical interpretation of Boudica's revolt against the Roman occupation of Britain and will see 3D Computer Animation students work on animation and special effects postproduction when the filming is complete.  
This is not the first time that students have been involved in high-profile projects. For his final year project, 2007 graduate Ashley Bernes worked with Moving Picture Company as a lead technical director on the Sony Bravia "exploding paint" advert, which won Commercial of the Year 2006.  
In recent years the School has become a feeder for some of the big name VFX companies. Student employment destinations include the Moving Picture Company (MPC) (Harry Potter films), EA Games (Battlefield), and The Mill (Dr. Who). 2006 graduate, Rhys Salcombe recently spoke about his first 12 months at Double Negative, working on current blockbuster Stardust, as well as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Bourne Ultimatum, and future release 10,000 BC.  
Rhys is in good company at Double Negative with a number of Swansea Institute graduates on their books, including 2007 graduates Jenni Eynon, Jon Styles, and Eric Tsui who joined this summer. This year, MPC employed every 3D Computer Animation graduate from the School’s BSc course.  
During SAND 2007, delegates will get an opportunity to see recent work from students and graduates on the Creative Computer Games Design and 3D Computer Animation programmes, introduced by SAND Chair and Head of the School of Digital Media at Swansea Institute, Martin Capey.  
The Swansea Institute Student Showcase will take place on the SAND Games, SFX, and Commercials day at the Taliesin Arts Centre on Thursday, November 29.