July 2, 2007

Digital-Tutors Releases Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush 3 Training

Oklahoma City - Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk authorized publisher and provider of video-based training, has announced the availability of Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush 3, the latest release in its library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush 3, the integrated modeling, texturing, and illustration environment developed by Pixologic.
Artists will learn a production approach to integrating Maya and ZBrush 3 in a mixed pipeline environment with four hours of project-based training. In addition to a complete project, artists will be guided step-be-step through the production process of modeling in Maya, digital sculpting and detailing in ZBrush 3, and applying ZBrush-generated maps to meshes in Maya.  
"From building clean geometry in Maya and adding fine details in ZBrush, to generating displacement maps and rendering inside Maya, we teach artists each step of the production process," says Sunder Iyer, director of R at Digital-Tutors. "In addition to our project-based approach to teaching, Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush 3 also takes a scenario-based approach and introduces artists to a production method of effectively utilizing ZBrush and Maya in a mixed-pipeline setting. We've made the transition that most artists will encounter easier, while focusing on results and time."
Highlights from Pipeline Integration with Maya and ZBrush 3 include: ZBrush sculpting workflow, Maya and ZBrush pipeline overview, form development in Maya, maintaining mesh integrity, sculpting across multiple levels, incorporating 3D Layers for variation, working with Subtools, extracting geometry, low poly modeling in Maya, creating clean topology, geometry preparation for ZBrush, importing geometry into ZBrush, using Alphas and Strokes, utilizing custom Alphas, creating displacement maps in ZBrush, applying displacement maps in Maya, setting up render time subdivisions, adjusting displacement settings, working with Projection Master, using Lazy Mouse for hair detailing, and additional lessons developed to teach artists a pipeline approach to using Maya and ZBrush 3 cohesively.