June 21, 2007

Digital-Tutors Announces New ZBrush 3 Training

Oklahoma City, Ok. - Digital-Tutors, a provider of video-based training, announced the availability of Introduction to ZBrush 3 and Sculpting Techniques with ZBrush 3 -- the latest releases in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush 3, the integrated modeling, texturing, and illustration environment developed by Pixologic.

As part of the ZBrush 3 beta team, Digital-Tutors has developed a series of training solutions to teach new and experienced artists the capabilities available in ZBrush 3. Introduction to ZBrush 3 and Sculpting Techniques with ZBrush 3 provide four hours each of project-based training and deliver new methods and techniques for greater productivity.

Highlights from Introduction to ZBrush 3 include: fast creation with Rapid Start Interface, 2.5D and ZBrush Pixols overview, sculpting with imported 3D geometry, Subtools for multiple 3D meshes, sculpting workflow overview, adding detail with alpha brushes, creating custom alphas, precision sculpting with stencils, freeform selections with Lasso tool, topological masking, reposing 3D meshes with Transpose, creating photographic-based materials with Matcap, building meshes with ZSpheres, adding new details with Mesh Extraction, refining details with 3D Layers, and additional lessons developed for artists new to ZBrush 3.

Highlights from Sculpting Techniques with ZBrush 3 include: importing base geometry, modifying ZBrush primitives, subdividing meshes, mesh extraction, sculpting with brushes, alphas, strokes, and stencils, additive and subtractive sculpting, combining multiple meshes with Subtools, creating poses with Transpose Tool, masking techniques, sculpting with 3D Layers, custom alphas, sculpting at progressively higher levels, Projection Master, sculpting with symmetry, creating a final turntable, and additional lessons developed to learn digital sculpting with ZBrush 3.