Real-time and Gaming Highlights of SIGGRAPH 2020
September 2, 2020

Real-time and Gaming Highlights of SIGGRAPH 2020

CHICAGO—SIGGRAPH 2020’s Real-Time Live! And Games programming showcased innovations in real-time and gaming technologies, including brain-sensing technology, VR, deep fakes, and more. 
Real-Time Live!, a one-night-only, live event that spotlights the latest, most innovative real-time project demos of the year, celebrated nine of the newest, jury-selected projects and culminates with the audience and jury voting for the “Best in Show” real-time demo.

“This year, the exciting projects selected think outside the current real-time tech landscape,” shared SIGGRAPH 2020 Real-Time Live! Chair Marc Olano, of University of Maryland, Baltimore County. “Although we all hoped to share these demos in person, everyone looked forward to revealing them virtually. We had streams coming in from Seoul to Prague — and many other spots in between.”

In addition to the popular Real-Time Live!, SIGGRAPH 2020 Games programming appeared in many areas of the virtual conference, such as Talks and the Immersive Pavilion. In collaboration with one another, the conference program chairs and reviewers worked together to highlight creators, visionaries, and pioneers within the games industry from the world’s leading studios. This year, content was presented through on-demand and scheduled sessions, giving participants a behind-the-scenes look at the development of these projects.

“Advancing game technology is a pillar of SIGGRAPH conferences,” noted SIGGRAPH 2020 Games Focus Area Chair Carlos Gonzalez-Ochoa. “Participants could look forward to discovering key achievements in games research, immersive experiences, computer animation, and more.”

Some Real-Time Live! and Games highlights include:

Introduction to Real Time User Interaction in Virtual Reality Powered by Brain Computer Interface Technology | Real-Time Live!
How can VR/AR platforms personalize the user experience? Learn how Looxid Link, the most VR-compatible, brain-sensing technology, can connect users’ minds to VR.

‘Hustle by Day, Risk It All by Night’ The Lighting of ‘Need for Speed Heat’ in Frostbite | Talks
Discover the improvements made to the Electronic Arts (EA) Frostbite engine to support the open-world visuals of “Need for Speed Heat”.

The Technology Behind ‘Millennium Falcon’: Smugglers Run | Real-Time Live!
Get a glimpse of the technological innovations behind the delivery of the interactive attraction “Millennium Falcon”: Smugglers Run.

JALI — Driven Expressive Facial Animation and Multilingual Speech in Cyberpunk 2077 | Talks
This audio performance and tagged animation transcript is used to generate expressive high-fidelity, multilingual speech at unprecedented scale in a highly anticipated, massive open world video game.
Davigo: Epic VR vs. PC Duels | Immersive Pavilion

A VR player embodies a giant and faces off against one or more PC warriors in fast-paced, explosive combat.

For more gaming and interactive innovations, watch a sneak preview of what SIGGRAPH 2020 has to offer on YouTube:

Image caption: Looxid Labs. All rights reserved.