Maxon Announces 3D and Motion Design Show for SIGGRAPH
July 14, 2020

Maxon Announces 3D and Motion Design Show for SIGGRAPH

FRIEDRICHSDORF, GERMANY – Maxon, developers of professional 3D modeling, animation, rendering and motion design software solutions, has unveiled the speaker lineup and schedule for its upcoming 3D and Motion Design Show for SIGGRAPH 2020. 
Running from Tuesday, July 21, through Thursday, July 23, the free, fully virtual event will be hosted on (formerly and will feature presentations covering VR and AR, character animation, photo real visual effects, motion design and more, presented by the world’s top motion graphics and VFX artists. 

Speaker highlights for the 3D and Motion Design Show for SIGGRAPH include:

Creating “Star Wars: The Last Stand”
using Cinema 4D with Sekani Solomon. Sekani will demonstrate how he used Cinema 4D to create the dynamic, engaging short film, Star Wars: The Last Stand. In his presentation, he will take viewers through the conceptualization of the project and how he organized shots and created the film’s stunning animation, lighting and effects - all executed mainly by one person.

The Secret to Photo-Real Visual Effects with Clinton Jones, Show Runner at Corridor Digital. Clinton will explain how to integrate photo-real objects into live action footage. Custom HDRIs, camera tracking, scene optimization, texturing, surface imperfections, lighting and compositing tricks in After Effects - Clinton will give the full rundown on how to step up your VFX game!

Using VR and C4D to Make Gestural 3D Assets with Collin Leix, animator at Gunner. In her presentation, Collin will demystify how to use Cinema 4D and VR tools Oculus Medium and Oculus Quill to easily create gestural and organic 3D models. She’ll show viewers how she uses C4D to align her VR work with a styleframe, how to refine them with C4D’s sculpting tools and Volume Mesher, how to use Vertex maps and deformers to add subtle animation, as well as experiment in 3D stop motion. 

Tips for Character Animation in C4D (and Anywhere Else!) with Alex Parker. Alex will walk through some of her go-to methods for designing and animating compelling characters in Cinema 4D. From quirky character design to technical animation to final compositing, this presentation details a generalist’s approach to crafting characters from start to finish, showcasing C4D toolsets and sprinkling in some generalist advice along the way. 

Plus, Maxon, Red Giant and Redshift fan favorites, including Noseman, Rick Barrett, Simon Walker, and Adrian Cruceru, will show off some tips and techniques as well as answer audience questions from the chat.