AMD Announces Updates To Radeon ProRender
July 30, 2019

AMD Announces Updates To Radeon ProRender

LOS ANGELES — At SIGGRAPH 2019, AMD ( is announcing updates to its Radeon ProRender, including new integrations, updated plug-ins, and updates for developers. Radeon ProRender is AMD’s fast and easy to use physically-based rendering engine. The solution is leveraging open-standards to help democratize its broad use.
Built on industry-standard OpenCL, Apple Metal 2, Microsoft DirectML, and Vulkan, Radeon ProRender enables accelerated rendering on any GPU, any CPU, and any OS – Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Because of this, Radeon ProRender is seeing broad industry support from nearly a dozen leading DCC and CAD applications.

At SIGGRAPH, AMD is announcing that the ecosystem of applications that have Radeon ProRender natively integrated has grown significantly, with the addition of ACCA Edificius, InstaLOD Studio XL2, and Z-Emotion Z-Weave. Also, Maxon has announced the next major update to Cinema 4D, Release 21, that includes a host of new Radeon ProRender features.

Along with new and upcoming integrations, AMD is also releasing the first production of our Radeon ProRender plug-in for Blender 2.80, updates to its plug-in for Autodesk Maya 4, and the availability of blockchain-based distributed cloud rendering from A.L.I. Technologies.

For developers, the Radeon ProRender Developer Suite has been updated, with a preview of our Full Spectrum Rendering Technology and new DirectML-based AI-accelerated denoising and upscaling image filters. The companys is also announcing that a preview release of its next-generation rendering engine for developers, Radeon ProRender 2.0, is coming soon.