<I>Undersea</I> Brings Room-Scale Spatial Computing To SIGGRAPH
July 23, 2019

Undersea Brings Room-Scale Spatial Computing To SIGGRAPH

LOS ANEGLES — Magic Leap is premiering an all-new Spatial Computing experience for Magic Leap One, Undersea, at SIGGRAPH 2019 in Los Angeles. The Magic Leap One is a lightweight, wearable spatial computer that enriches your experience in the real world with digital content, in everything from commerce and entertainment to communications and productivity.

Undersea is a room-scale, Spatial Computing experience through which users can relax and observe underwater life in a dynamically generated, coral reef biome. Distinct vistas and creatures, presented in a photo-real art style, provide an opportunity to feel a sense of presence and connection between the creatures, the environment, and the user. View a sneak peek of the experience: https://youtu.be/evIucrI-dF4 .

Undersea brings a room to life with breathtaking underwater landscapes in an interactive reef experience, and allows us to focus on pushing the boundaries of graphic fidelity within Spatial Computing,” said Dan Lehrich, VP of Production at Magic Leap. “With each Magic Leap Studios project on Magic Leap One, we expand the ever-evolving potential of immersive experiences. The opportunity to work at the bleeding edge of what’s possible and pioneer on a brand-new platform is what motivates us, and we hope to inspire other creatives to push the boundaries and explore alongside us.”

With Undersea, one of Magic Leap’s goals was to use the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 and Vulkan 3.1 mobile on Magic Leap One to create a visually compelling and immersive experience that pushes the graphical boundaries of Spatial Computing.

The SIGGRAPH conference, in its 46th year, is an annual gathering that showcases projects from the world’s leading professionals, academics, and creative minds at the forefront of computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH 2019 attendees will have the opportunity to experience “Undersea” in the Immersive Pavilion, July 28–August 1 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Francisco Cortina, CG Supervisor, and Derrick Levy, Lead Software Engineer, will give a talk on the project on August 1 alongside other conference contributors during the Experience Presentation “Be Productive in New Ways.”

“Spatial Computing is increasingly becoming the norm in experiential entertainment. The quality and interactivity displayed through ‘Undersea’ is a breathtaking look at how this art form is thriving,” noted SIGGRAPH 2019 Immersive Pavilion Chair Victoria Rege.

Magic Leap Studios, where Undersea was first realized, is a content creation studio within Magic Leap with the aim of creating high-caliber content in the new medium of Spatial Computing. Magic Leap Studios is charged with creating unique, compelling content that would only be possible with Spatial Computing, in tandem with rapidly evolving hardware and software. The Magic Leap Studios team is constantly pushing on the tech in a way that will allow us to deliver content excellence and pave the way for future developers.

The Immersive Pavilion is open to conference participants with an Experiences registration or higher.