Nvidia's Jensen Huang Takes Center Stage at SIGGRAPH 2018
July 30, 2018

Nvidia's Jensen Huang Takes Center Stage at SIGGRAPH 2018

For anyone whose life’s work involves computer graphics, there’s no event in the world like the annual SIGGRAPH conference.
This year, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang will take the stage at the show in Vancouver, Canada, and share how AI, real-time ray tracing, and VR are transforming the computer graphics industry.
His talk will begin at 4 pm PST on Monday, Aug. 13, at the Vancouver Convention Center, unofficially kicking off the five-day immersion into the latest innovations in CG, animation, VR, games, mixed reality, and emerging technologies.
The SIGGRAPH show floor opens the next day — and Nvidia green will be everywhere. Find us in Nvidia Booths 801 and 501, and our technology powering workflows in partner booths across the show floor where we’re demonstrating the latest technologies incorporating AI, real-time ray tracing, and virtual reality.
Move to the Head of the Class
Our courses, talks, and tutorials throughout the week at SIGGRAPH (mostly in Room 220-222) will showcase how AI, real-time ray tracing, and VR can make your work easier. A few highlights:
Monday, Aug. 13, 9:30 am-12:30 pm — Nvidia Presents: Nvidia Holodeck Tutorial
Learn how to build custom photoreal VR environments with NVIDIA Holodeck. Hear from leading ISVs and others using Holodeck to accelerate and enhance their workflows.
Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2:00-5:30 pm — Nvidia Presents: GPU Ray Tracing for Film and Design
Explore recent developments in GPU-accelerated, high-quality, interactive ray tracing to support the visual quality and scene complexity required for visual effects, animation, and design. Presentations include those from Nvidia, Autodesk, Chaos Group, Isotropix, Pixar, and Weta Digital.
Wednesday, Aug. 15, 9:30 am-12:30 pm — Nvidia Presents: Real-Time Ray Tracing
Researchers and engineers from Nvidia, joined by leading game studios, Epic Games and EA/SEED, will present state-of-the-art techniques for ray tracing, sampling, and reconstruction in real time. This includes recent advances that promise to dramatically advance the state of ray tracing in games, simulation, and VR applications.
Wednesday, Aug. 15, 4:00-4:25 pm — Tackling the Realities of Virtual Reality
David Luebke, vice president of graphics research at Nvidia, will describe the company’s vision for the future of virtual and augmented reality. Luebke will review some of the “realities of virtual reality”: challenges presented by Moore’s law, battery technology, optics, and wired and wireless connections. He’ll then discuss the implications and opportunities presented by these challenges, such as foveation and specialization, and conclude with a deep dive into how rendering technology, such as ray tracing, can evolve to solve the realities of VR. (Note: This talk takes place at Nvidia booth 801.)
Thursday, Aug. 16, 9:30 am-12:30 pm — Nvidia Presents: Deep Learning for Content Creation
Join Nvidia’s top researchers for an examination of the novel ways deep learning and machine learning can supercharge content creation for films, games and advertising. See our full schedule of SIGGRAPH talks and courses at Nvidia.com/en-us/events/siggraph.