Maxon Presentations Highlight Cinema 4D's Ease Of Use
August 14, 2018

Maxon Presentations Highlight Cinema 4D's Ease Of Use

VANCOUVER — At the Maxon booth (#1316), team members are demonstrating a complete picture into the Cinema 4D product line, and spotlighting third-party partnerships that transform the 3D content creation workflow experience. Maxon has again assembled an impressive line-up of guest artists from around the globe, who are presenting each day of the show on the Maxon main stage. Presentations highlight Cinema 4D’s ease of use, quick workflow, fast rendering and integration into leading software applications for work on feature films, motion graphics, games, VR/AR, visualizations and more.
Among the guest artists scheduled to make presentations include:

Marti Romances, Creative Director of Territory Studio’s San Francisco facility, known for his artistic vision on numerous feature films including Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Infinity War and The Martian, will go through the process of how multipass renders combined with simple Cinema 4D techniques can help artists work in a demanding film production environment that requires quick iterations with limited render time.

Robyn Haddow, a freelance motion graphics artist based in Vancouver, is noted for innovative idea exploration for next gen tech, with a focus on FUI design for screen graphics and holograms in film and television. Using the MoGraph toolset in Cinema 4D with X-Particles, she will show techniques from concept to exploration from the recent feature film, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Brandon Parvini, Technical/Art Supervisor at Los Angeles-based Bemo, will be covering techniques and workflows employed on the upcoming season of Adult Swim's Dream Corp LLC. Topics will include Non Photo Realistic (NPR) style rendering for look development and iPi Motion Capture-based workflows for character animation within Cinema 4D.

Bhakti Patel, 3D animator and motion designer, whose work includes the Emmy-nominated main titles for Vinyl, UI design and animation for Black Panther and main-on-end titles for Thor Ragnarok, will showcase work on an American Horror Story teaser, El Silencio Mezcal commercial and an everyday project, to demonstrate modeling and animation techniques using her favorite toolsets in Cinema 4D.

Tim Clapham, Director at, will explore innovative and experimental motion graphics techniques used on behalf of the Sydney Opera House “Lighting the Sails” projections, Adobe MAKE IT conference titles and projects for Nike. Tim will also provide a peek into the latest toolsets in Cinema 4D.

Maxon also will host a daily live stream from the SIGGRAPH exhibit booth of all guest artist presentations. Following SIGGRAPH, guest presentations will be archived on
Maxon begins the show with its annual “First Day of SIGGRAPH” press luncheon and briefing. Paul Babb, Maxon US, president and CEO, will provide attendees an overview of the latest product developments and company news, including recent corporate restructuring plans and the appointment of David McGavran to CEO at Maxon Computer GmbH.

Furthermore, AMD (booth #1101) will host Cinema 4D presentations and demo artists.