CGW Reveals Its Silver Edge Award Winners from SIGGRAPH
August 11, 2017

CGW Reveals Its Silver Edge Award Winners from SIGGRAPH

At SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles, more than 150 vendors provided show-goers with an in-depth look at their latest products and technologies focused on the computer graphics industry. With so many offerings on display, it was difficult for the staff at  CGW   to select what it deems the best of the show. After examining many exciting offerings featured at the show,  Computer Graphics World   has named the recipients of its Silver Edge Awards – SIGGRAPH 2017.

Those chosen for this honor grabbed our attention with offerings that have great potential in greatly influencing our industry in the work that is done. 

The winners and honorable mentions are:


Epic – Unreal Engine 4. This versatile game engine is changing the game, creating new roads into real-time applications.

Nvidia ­– DGX Station. Unthinkable power for achieving the unimaginable. 

HP – HP Z VR Backpack wearable VR PC. A novel concept as professional VR takes hold.

Maxon – Cinema 4D R19. Offering a powerful alternative for all types of digital content creation.

Foundry – Elara cloud-based platform. Enabling shops of all sizes to afford using cutting-edge tools.

Dell ­– Canvas workspace. A high-end hardware alternative to the traditional computer with keyboard and mouse.

Allegorithmic – Substance texture tools and Automation Toolkit. Rich, organic painted results for a workable workflow. 

AMD – Radeon Pro SSG GPU. Power akin to a personal supercomputer.

Reallusion – iClone 7 virtual production platform. A full content creation tool with robust capabilities.


Conductor Technologies – Conductor cloud-rendering platform. Cloud rendering fine-tuned for the VFX film industry.

Autodesk – Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection, Autodesk Maya, Shotgun, Arnold, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Autodesk Flame. Venerable standard tools that continue to improve.

Nvidia – VRWorks. Important tools to assist in VR content creation.

Epic – Datasmith workflow tool kit. Simplifying the task of moving data into Unreal Engine for architectural and design visualizations.  

Foundry – Project Bunsen. For building unified and scalable enterprise visualization pipelines.

WorldViz – Vizible VR communication tool. A unique, simple-to-use VR application that makes meetings far more engaging and enables participants to see and interact with models like never before.