SolidFrame Helps Animators Explore Scene Options
August 11, 2015

SolidFrame Helps Animators Explore Scene Options

PARIS — At the SIGGRAPH show in Los Angeles, SolidAnim ( introduced its new framing software, SolidFrame. SolidFrame is an interactive tool designed for animators and cinematographers to interactively explore a large collection of shots over their 3D animation, and rapidly create and compare multiple edits of the same animation. Designed for virtual production and rapid prototyping of synthetic movies, the tool assists the filmmaker in exploring the cinematographic possibilities of the 3D scene. 
SolidFrame offers a quick and user-friendly set-up of a cinematographic sequence based on several framings. The software enables users to change the focal lens by freezing the framing and using focal types from popular camera/lens brands. Camera moves can be recorded and reapplied to other virtual animations.

In addition to SolidFrame, SolidAnim has announced a partnership and distribution agreement with INRIA, a Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishment (EPST) under the double supervision of the French Ministry of National Education, Advanced Instruction and Research and the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry.
INRIA originally developed Director's Lens technology for animators and film directors to explore and manipulate a large collection of shots over 3D animation and quickly create a first cinematographic edit over these shots. By combining Director's Lens with SolidAnim's Solidtrack markerless virtual camera system technology, Director's Lens became the new SolidFrame. SolidFrame is complementary to SolidTrack's virtual camera, Mr. Méliès. By combining both technologies the user can record free camera moves without any infrastructure.