August 12, 2008

Xsens, Autodesk Collaborate on MotionBuilder Plug-in

Xsens Technologies, creator of the camera-less motion-capture solution Moven, is working on an advanced plug-in of Moven Studio for Autodesk MotionBuilder software, a solution package for character animation. The Xsens MotionBuilder Plugin will create a tight link between Moven Studio, Xsens' motion capture software, and MotionBuilder. The process of streaming live motion-capture data from Moven Studio to MotionBuilder in real-time will become easier. The rich set of body movement data captured by Moven will be imported intelligently into MotionBuilder without the need for further adjustments. The plug-in will be available with the upcoming release of Moven.

Moven Studio records motion-capture data and provides real-time visualization, playback, and editing functionalities. In addition to real-time streaming into MotionBuilder, Moven Studio files can be exported to industry standard file formats, such as .FBX and .BVH.

Xsens is demonstrating its upcoming Moven release and the integration of its output with MotionBuilder at booth 1423.