August 13, 2008

Tour Ancient Rome at SIGGRAPH 2008

Rome Reborn made its public debut at SIGGRAPH 2008. It is one of several cutting-edge New Tech Demos that exemplifies how the past invigorates the future of computer graphics and interactive techniques, says a representative. Considered the largest virtual reconstruction, cultural heritage, and digital archaeology project to date, Rome Reborn is an international collaboration designed to create an interactive 3D digital model that illustrates the urban development of ancient Rome. Rome Reborn showcases new approaches for exhibiting historical findings in museums, classrooms, and on the Internet. Approximately 7000 buildings recapture Rome at the peak of its glory in 320 AD, at the time of Constantine the Great. The project is said to open new channels for education, collaboration between scholars, and communication of archaeology to the general public.

"Rome Reborn is re-inventing the way we explore, understand, and celebrate our past by bringing together technologies that invigorate and define the future of computer graphics and interactive techniques," says Cole Krumbholz, SIGGRAPH 2008 associate producer of encounters. "This exhibit demonstrates the impact modern computer graphics is having on other fields, such as archeology and the humanities."

In real time, visitors to the exhibit explore the ancient city landscape and its numerous buildings and immerse themselves in the reconstructed 3D models of ancient Roman architecture, rendered interactively.

Several industry and academic partners collaborated to create Rome Reborn, including IATH, IBM, Illustrious, mental images, Past Perfect Productions Srl., Procedural Inc., the Politecnico di Milano, UCLA, and Mersive Technologies. Each company contributing creative content with computer graphics technologies that combine to deliver interactive experiences of ancient Rome.

The exhibit also features a series of scheduled talks by representatives of the participating Rome Reborn partners, detailing how this unique project was brought to life.