August 12, 2008

Sony Demonstrates SXRD 4K Projector

The Sony technologies on at SIGGRAPH 2008 display range from 4K SXR ultra-high resolution projection systems to the Cell/B.E. (Cell Broadband Engine) for multimedia computing applications, such as computer graphics and scientific visualization, that require massive data quantities to be processed. In the Sony exhibit, an SRX-S110 SXRD projector is used as the display device for the presentations and demonstrations of the Cell processor in various applications. Sony's SXRD 4K technology is used to display demonstrations of the BCU-100 computing unit, the first product in Sony's new ZEGO family of Cell platform technologies, and a high-performance, one-rack unit, highly power efficient server. Also at SIGGRAPH, Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) is using the SRX-S105 projector, a 5,000 lumen model, to demonstrate the power of its Pixel Fusion visualization system to drive multiwindow displays in a three-dimensional space.