August 9, 2008

Nvidia Quadro Plex Systems Bring Supercomputing To The Deskside

Nvidia announces the D Series of Nvidia Quadro Plex Visual Computing Systems (VCS), available in deskside or rackmount configurations. The Quadro Plex D2 is featured in technology demonstrations of real-time Nvidia GPU-based raytracing, large-scale CAD modeling, and 4K HD power walls at booth 554. Engineered to provide the most robust Nvidia Quadro visualization performance to date, the Quadro Plex systems are ideal for the styling and design, geosciences, and scientific visualization industries, working with extremely large 3D models, datasets, and power walls. The new Quadro Plex series provides performance improvements of up to 100 percent over previous versions and offers massively parallel processing capabilities using multiple Quadro graphics cards for visualization, large-scale projection and display, or computation with Nvidia CUDA technology.

The Nvidia Quadro Plex 2200 D2 VCS, with two Quadro GPUs, 4 dual-link DVI channels, and 8GB of frame buffer memory, is designed for advanced visualization of extremely large models and datasets, as well as high-performance computing processes. Its partner, the Quadro Plex 2100 D4 VCS with four GPUs, 8 dual-link DVI channels, and a 4GB frame buffer, is optimized for multidisplay applications.

The Quadro Plex D Series VCS will be available in September 2008 with pricing starting at $10,750.