August 11, 2008

Eyeon Shows Fusion 6

Eyeon Software Inc. announces Fusion 6, a major upgrade to its flagship compositing application, which is on display for the first time at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles. With the release of 6, Fusion delivers a consistent environment for seamless image quality across multiple platforms, and is available for a single license fee on Linux, Windows x64, Windows 32-bit desktop PCs, and Intel-based Macs.

Fusion 6’s new features and enhancements include: 
Stereoscopic and Multi-Layer Imaging System
Stereoscopic Views
3D In Stereo View
New Multi-Layer Imaging

Fusion 6 is available to anyone with a valid subscription license at no additional charge. Anyone who has not currently joined eyeon subscription can upgrade to Fusion 6 for $695, which also includes 12 months of subscription upgrades.