August 13, 2008

Bunkspeed Makes CGI Simple

Bunkspeed, developer of fast 3D rendering technology for design, engineering, and marketing, is providing SIGGRAPH attendees an opportunity to experience Bunkspeed’s CGI applications in booth 311 and at the SIGGRAPH Studio, an on-site computer lab that will feature Bunkspeed’s rendering software, HyperShot, on 70 workstations. Throughout the conference, Bunkspeed is demonstrating “CGI Made Simple” with HyperShot, which renders any 3D model into stunning photo-quality imagery within minutes. In addition, Bunkspeed will unveil for the first time its newest software development, which will do for animation what HyperShot has done for product images: provide amazingly simple composition tools that produce brilliant professional-level CGI results. During the three-day exhibition, a cross section of Bunkspeed’s most successful clients will present engaging case studies at the booth, including representatives from Bentley, Chrysler, Gulfstream, Nissan, Armstrong & White, and Smart Design.