August 12, 2008

AutoDesSys Previews BonZai 3D

AutoDesSys Inc. is previewing BonZai 3D, the latest addition to the line of 3D software, during SIGGRAPH.  Visit booth 919 for a demo of the new 3D modeler that addresses the demand of designers who wish to express their thoughts graphically, easily, on the fly, but also clearly with the capability to advance to the next level of detailed solid modeling and production, all the way to fabrication. BonZai 3D is a 3D modeler developed to fill the demand for a quick, easy, and geometrically robust approach to 3D. The BonZai tools stem from experiences, experiments, research, and user input over the past 15 years. Its goal is to support the conceptual and sketching stages of design with ease, but also the production of accurate and robust models that can be used for construction drawings, can be smoothly rendered, animated, and fabricated. AutoDesSys is also demonstrating the form.Z RenderZone Plus 6.6 in booth 919.
BonZai offers all the basic tools a designer needs to present one's ideas in a 3D representation. It is built on formoZ's trademark strengths that include solids and NURBS, multiplatform support, reliable Booleans, and import/export file translators.

Some of the individual features in BonZai are:
- Fluid, powerful, and smart interface.
- All the classic modeling tools (extrusions, sweeps, transformations, etc.).
- Real time Booleans.
- NURBS curves and surfaces.
- Smart 3D drawing.
- Dynamic graphic editing.
- Reshape tool makes tool makes sculpting and shape editing easy.
- Advanced interactive rendering with shadows, transparencies, and textures.
- Support for 3D printing.
- Graphic texture map editing.
- Over 200 free materials (texture maps).
- Content library for trees, furniture, entourage elements.
- Support of 3D Warehouse.
- Google Earth and SketchUp file compatibility.
- Over 20 export/import formats for easy inter-operability.
- Embedded video tutorials

BonZai 3D is being prepped for public beta testing and an announcement will go out
as soon as it becomes available for download at