August 11, 2008

Animazoo Showcases Contact Editor

At booth 907, Animazoo is showcasing its most advanced software to date. Animazoo Contact Editor is the new patent-pending software with sophisticated editing and auto-cleaning tools. The Contact Editor has been designed specifically to work in conjunction with Animazoo’s IGS-190M (Mobile) and the newly launched IGS-190H (Hybrid) motion-capture suits. Together with Contact Editor, the Hybrid systems can deliver optical-quality motion-capture data from an inertial gyroscopic system for the first time.

The IGS-190H combines the features of the existing IGS-190M (Mobile) with a new Ultrasonic system, ExacTrax, and Version 9 software.

The new ultrasonic tracking technology, ExacTrax, has been exclusively developed by the Animazoo team to work in conjunction with the IGS-190M and GypsyGyro-18 systems. It includes a scalable configuration of one Sonar Processing Unit (SPU) per 4 sonar sensors (up to 32 sensors per PCI slot of a standard PC). The basic system comes with a 20-sensor/5 SPU configuration. The hybrid system is designed to accommodate up to 4 IGS-190 systems without needing additional sonar gear.