August 9, 2007

Sony Debuts Professional Display System

Sony is presenting its professional display products in several exhibit areas at the SIGGRAPH 2007 conference and exhibition in San Diego. The Sony technologies on display range from SXRD 4K large venue systems to LCD business projectors to digital signage applications. Sony is demonstrating its newly developed Cell Computing Board prototype for multimedia computing applications such as computer graphics and scientific visualization that require massive data quantities to be processed.
Sony’s SXRD 4K projectors are being put to use in the annual event’s Computer Animation Theaters. Sony is providing three units of its 5000 lumen model (SRX-S105), continuously running animation content. One Animation Theater will present 30 minutes of 4K content twice daily. Sony’s LCD projectors and public displays will be used throughout the show’s Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies Preview, Educators’ Program, Guerilla Studios, FJORG! Animation Event, and the Sandbox Symposium.
The SRX-S110 (10,000 lumens) will be in Sony’s Cell Technology Booth 1249, demonstrating the real-time image processing capabilities of its Cell Computing Board. The SRX-R105 (5000 lumens) is in the Sony ImageWorks booth, displaying a clip reel of Sony Pictures Imageworks projects, and 4K projectors will also be demonstrated by Purdue University in a stereoscopic demonstration.
The Sony LCD business projectors and LCD public displays that will power the visuals in Sony’s booth and other venues throughout SIGGRAPH include the VPL-CX63 and the VPL-VW100/P models, with the Sony displays ranging from the 32-inch KLH-W32, 40-inch FWD-40LX2F/B, and the 50-inch FWD-50PX2/B models (all screen sizes are viewable area, measured diagonally).
After the show, all products used in these areas will be available to purchase at special pricing for SIGGRAPH attendees through Sony’s Web site at, under the heading “SIGGRAPH 2007.”