August 6, 2007

Softimage Events

Softimage Co., a subsidiary of Avid Technology Inc., has announced details of its events and activities at SIGGRAPH  2007. Softimage is taking part in FJORG!, the SIGGRAPH-sponsored iron-animator production competition, and hosting industry visionary Syd Mead at its annual user event, also attended by Joe Marks from Walt Disney Feature Animation. To inspire and train the next generation of 3D artists, Softimage will present an education copy of Softimage|XSI 3D modeling, rendering, and animation software with a six-hour training DVD from Digital-Tutors to all of the SIGGRAPH student volunteers – a donation to the SIGGRAPH student program valued at $100,000.

Softimage Activities at SIGGRAPH 2007 include:

Tuesday, August 7


3D animation artists will have the opportunity to use Softimage|XSI software and a fully-rigged 3D character created by Christoph Schinko to compete in the first international FJORG! - iron-animator challenge at SIGGRAPH.


Guerilla Studio

Softimage returns to the Guerilla Studio this year, offering conference attendees the opportunity to get hands-on experience and training on Softimage|XSI 6.02. For the first time ever in public, Softimage is providing hands-on training for its new Softimage|Face Robot facial-animation system. Softimage’s Jeff Wilson leads the Face Robot training, sharing his expertise on creating complex facial animations, including facial modeling, mo-cap, editing, and fine tuning facial rigs. XSI training will be lead by Nikki Bridgman, Softimage’s European training manager. Classes are limited.


Softimage User Event

Softimage is hosting its annual User Event from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Spreckels Theatre. SIGGRAPH 2007 chair Joe Marks of Walt Disney Feature Animation will introduce Syd Mead (Tron, Blade Runner, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Aliens) to present the keynote address based on material from his new documentary. Following a Softimage introduction by Marc Stevens, vice president and general manager of Softimage, Chris Watts (VFX supervisor for the Zack Snyder film 300), as well as Daniel Leduc (VFX supervisor/producer) and Joseph Kasparian (textures and lighting lead) from Hybride, will present “A World of Antiquity—Making the Stylized Environs of Ancient Sparta.” One lucky attendee at this year’s Softimage User Event will win a new Dell M90 Laptop, a full license of Softimage|XSI Essentials software, and a Softimage branded backpack – valued at $6000.

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