August 7, 2007

RealViz Showcases HDR Imaging Studio and Movimento

RealViz is showcasing its latest technological advancements at this year's SIGGRAPH show in Booth 1629. At the show, the RealViz team is demonstrating the RealViz HDR Imaging Studio, unveiled in June of this year, and RealViz Movimento, a state-of-the-art video-based motion capture solution, which debuted at SIGGRAPH 2006. The RealViz HDR Imaging Studio, combines Stitcher 5.6, VTour 1.2 HDR, and Photomatix Pro, for the creation of HDR environments for virtual reality, industrial design, special effects, and video game applications, starting from digital snapshots and panoramas. RealViz Movimento is a video-based motion capture solution powered by SMART, the company’s automatic 3D tracking engine.

Demonstrations of RealViz Movimento, connected to a 4 CCD camera capture system, and the RealViz HDR Imaging Studio is taking place at RealViz Booth 1629.