August 7, 2007

Nvidia Ushers in Era of Personal Supercomputing

Nvidia, in Booth 513, is demonstrating Nvidia Tesla, the company’s new line of processors for high-performance computing, coupled with the latest Nvidia Quadro professional graphics solutions. Tesla is said to perform computations that previously took hours, days, or weeks in minutes and, in some cases, in real time. By pairing Tesla with Nvidia Quadro graphics technology utilizing Nvidia CUDA, a standard C development tool, Nvidia is transforming standard workstations into “personal supercomputers” for creative professionals, designers, scientists, and engineers.
Nvidia is demonstrating its personal supercomputing solutions throughout the show floor. The company also is showcasing its next-generation rendering technology and highlighting the performance advantages of rendering using the newest G80 architecture in Nvidia Quadro graphics.

Also announced at the show is Nvidia Gelato 2.2 professional film-quality rendering software, and "The Plush Life," an in-house animated short created by the Nvidia Digital Film Group using Autodesk Maya software and rendered in Gelato.

Nvidia Gelato rendering software can be downloaded for free from  

Nvidia has a new suite of game development tools -- Nvidia FX Composer 2 and Nvidia PerfKit 5. FX Composer 2 is an integrated development environment for shader authoring, enabling the fast creation of real-time visual effects and can be used to create shaders for HLSL, COLLADA, FX Cg, and CgFX in Direct X and OpenGL.

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