August 9, 2007

InterSense Solutions Used at SIGGRAPH

InterSense Inc., officially launching its next-generation interactive devices for its IS-900 system, is demonstrating new solutions with its previously released IS-1200 VisTracker system at Booth 1615. The new IS-900 MicroTrax, designed for immersive displays of all types, provides smaller devices for passive stereo applications, as well as improved convenience for the user with the addition of a rechargeable docking station. The new IS-1200 VisTracker inertial-optical tracking system offers mobility for building wide area tracking in almost any industrial setting and augmented/mixed-reality applications.

Throughout the exhibition, many partners and customers are demonstrating their applications using InterSense's motion-tracking technology, including:

Center for Computation & Technology at Louisiana State University Booth 741 is showing the new MicroTrax head and wand tracker in an interactive, large-screen immersive display system.

Purdue University, Department of Computer Graphics Technology Booth 1515 is using the wireless IS-900 system in an interactive, large-screen immersive display application.

Cinital Inc., makers of the Previzion Virtual Set System, Booth 349 are showing the new IS-1200 VisTracker in a virtual production studio application.

EonReality Inc., an interactive visual content management software provider, Booth 1745 is using the new IS-900 MicroTrax devices in an interactive, large-screen application.


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