August 7, 2007

Immersion Introduces Scanning Solutions

At SIGGRAPH 2007, Immersion is demonstrating a fast, affordable laser scanning system for six-degrees-of-freedom MicroScribe digitizing systems. The MicroScribe digitizer and RSI laser system quickly collects point-cloud data of 3D objects. Where point-and-click digitizing may take hours or days, laser scanning can produce the same or higher resolution data in minutes. Software transforms point cloud data into polygon data stored in native industry-standard file formats, sufficient for many applications including rendering and visualization.

The MicroScribe laser solution is lightweight, compact, and convenient. It is just 6-inches square, and the scanner controller is palm-sized, not a big and bulky box as with other lasers.
Immersion is also showing the CyberGlove II Wireless Data Glove and the CyberTouch tactile feedback system for virtual reality.

Immersion is exhibiting in Booth 1814.