August 6, 2007

Frantic Films Unveils Software for eyeon Fusion 5

The software division of visual effects studio Frantic Films has released Awake, a plug-in pack for eyeon Software’s Fusion 5. Awake includes six plug-ins: Lens Distort, Stereo Image Stacking, Stereo Image Unstacking, Frequency Blur, Spherical Distort, and Digital Camera Noise. Awake is being demonstrated at the eyeon Software Booth 815 and at the Frantic Film Booth 1720. Fusion is a node-based compositing system used at facilities working in feature film, commercials, motion graphics, and television postproduction. Awake is integrated into the Fusion 5 interface.

Awake includes:


Lens Distort -- Correct off-center and radially distorted lens


Stereo Image Stacking -- Stack input images top/bottom, side-by-side, or interlaced; flip left or right image horizontally to correct source images from beam splitter cameras; add watermarks to left and right frames to prevent confusion


Stereo Image Unstacking -- Unstack images stored in a top/bottom, side-by-side, or interlace image stack


Frequency Blur -- Blur an image with the built-in Disk, Hexagonal, Gaussian, or Airy Disk kernel; use kernels to convolve (blur) or deconvolve (sharpen) the image; use kernels with fixed or independent heights and widths


Spherical Distort -- Convert between fish eye, perspective, latitude/longitude, cube face, and cylindrical camera models; control field of view, rotation, and output size of images


Digital Camera Noise -- Apply pixel-level CCD camera grain to rendered images; choose default settings or modify the noise parameters manually; adjust brightness, red, green, and blue noise independently; adapt grain levels in light and dark regions of the image


Awake is now available starting at $299, and is compatible with eyeon Software’s Fusion 5 and higher. 


Frantic Films Software;