August 7, 2007

Frantic Films Announces Deadline 3.0

Frantic Films Software, a division of visual effects studio Frantic Films, has launched Deadline 3.0, the latest version of Frantic Films' render-farm software. Deadline 3.0 is being demonstrated at Frantic Films Booth 1720, throughout SIGGRAPH. Deadline 3.0 provides a method to both administer and render on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX-based render farms of all sizes. Signature features include reliable rendering thanks to its "swarm" architecture, support for popular rendering packages, extensive job scheduling options and administrative and auditing features; integrated remote administration tools and remote error reporting; and cost-effective reliability for small, medium, and large render farms.

Deadline is available now starting at $130 per render node for the first 10 licenses; prices drop per unit with increased volume.

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