August 9, 2007

Boxx Presents Intel Xeon-based renderBoxx Series

Boxx Technologies Inc., maker of high-performance computing systems for visual effects (VFX) professionals, announced the new renderBoxx Render Farm series. With the renderBoxx Render Farm series, studios that find that space is at a premium can now get the rendering power they need in a compact format fitting in a standard rack. RenderBoxx 10,100 modules are compact render-farm building blocks that leverage the Quad Core Intel Xeon architecture to provide superior rendering power coupled with power-saving efficiency and scalability. A single renderBoxx 10,100 module delivers the rendering power of four Quad Core Intel Xeon processors in a configuration that scales to meet the needs of VFX studios.

The new renderBOXX series node with four Quad Core Intel processors starts at $5410.

BOXX Technologies Inc.;