August 9, 2007

Barco Displays HD Offerings

Barco, exhibiting in Booth 1551, is providing the opportunity for SIGGRAPH attendees to witness the fusion of 1080p HD with the latest in large display windowing, and to see the hottest in ultra-HD flat panels. Barco is showing the newest member of the stereoscopic Galaxy family, the three-chip DLP Galaxy NH-12. This network-centric projector offers Windows desktop integration, rapid source selection, and easy mouse and keyboard control.

Going beyond HD, visitors can see the most recent LC-5621 flat panel that boasts QHD (8-megapixel) resolution. This 56-inch display is well suited to information areas, visitor lobbies, or production studios that require crisp visuals with the low response times. Its built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the panel’s color temperature to that of its environment, so that the LC-5621 is optimized for any environment.