August 7, 2007

Allegorithmic Announces Free Professional Texturing Software

Allegorithmic has announced MaPZone 2.6, the newest version of its professional texturing software. Boasting several new and improved workflow and usability features, MaPZone 2.6 is dedicated specifically to creating professional, high-quality bitmap textures. Based on a procedural approach, MaPZone gives artists control when creating textures for animation, game, visual effects, online media, design, and architectural visualization projects. MaPZone 2.6 is free and is scheduled to ship in fall 2007.

MaPZone is an authoring tool designed specifically for editing and managing textures. Based on Allegorithmic's patented FXMaps technology, MaPZone allows users to edit procedural textures locally to create diffuse, specular, and normal maps that are resolution-independent, match up perfectly, and tile automatically.
Some of MaPZone 2.6’s new and improved features include:
- New bitmap image input node (similar to existing SVG input node) allows users to mix   bitmaps and procedural noises making it easier to add details and matter to texture creations
- New feature automatically flags normal maps for usage in DirectX or OpenGL
- New functionality allows nodes of the graph to be realigned horizontally or vertically; existing connections between nodes in the graph can be modified by simple drag and drop
- Reposition camera and object in 3DEdit panel to their default positions
- Quicker access to Filter Menu by hitting [SPACE] key
MaPZone 2.6 is free and is scheduled to be released in fall 2007. To download the current version of MaPZone, visit