YAHAHA Studios launches Co-Create cross-platform collaborative game development tool
June 20, 2023

YAHAHA Studios launches Co-Create cross-platform collaborative game development tool

YAHAHA Studios has launched Co-Create, a groundbreaking AI-driven tool that makes it easier than ever for game creators to create their very own no-code game. With a vast library of 3D assets and a creator-first approach, YAHAHA unites the User Generated Content (UGC) community and breaks down barriers to game creation on UGC platforms. The company's cross-platform game editor empowers people to work together seamlessly, transcending device limitations and fostering a truly collaborative digital gaming experience.

YAHAHA's Co-Create game editor is the first of its kind, and users can expect to produce high-quality, diverse content. Most importantly, they can do this from anywhere, bridging the gap between PC, Mac, and mobile and backing the principle that ‘anyone can YAHAHA’. This brand new collaborative cross-platform tool makes teamwork easy and cost-low while increasing UGC abilities for all creators, and the tool supports various genres of games including the likes of racing, survival, shooter, casual games, and more.

The idea behind this project was driven by two key factors. Firstly, the team believes that anyone has the potential to be a game creator and should be able to easily build their own worlds, games, and scenes, regardless of their skill level. The aim is to provide an inclusive and enjoyable experience where individuals can have fun and connect with others without being constrained by device compatibility or other limitations.

The platform boasts many advanced capabilities including a seamless UI, easy-to-use functionality, stability, and interactivity, enabling users to develop and experience games more efficiently. YAHAHA's voice chat feature creates an ideal co-creation place for game developers, and its drag-and-drop functionality makes it extremely user-friendly. Real-time cloud storage and one-click sharing provide the smoothest game experience, with an environment tailored for cooperation and communication among players.

The core concept behind the collaborative game editor is to make the process of game creation enjoyable and to inspire users to continuously create captivating content. The team wants every user, whether part of their community or not, to embrace their creativity and invite friends and family to join in the fun and joy of game development.

The team's ultimate goal with the collaborative game editor is to make it accessible to everyone. They prioritize a no-coding requirement, recognizing that not all users possess coding skills. By introducing basic components that empower game objects with different abilities, the team ensures that users can create games without needing to write code, leaving creators to let their imagination run wild and combine these components to generate millions of interesting props.

YAHAHA's Co-Create function is perfect for developers who want to collaborate with others and create something new and innovative. This appeals to all different types of YAHAHA audiences including game developer influencers who want to engage with their followers and co-create content that resonates with them, friends who enjoy expressing their creativity and exchanging ideas with like-minded people easily, and even schools and educational institutions looking to foster a collaborative learning environment. Additionally, businesses and organisations interested in engaging with their customers and co-creating content can do so using YAHAHA, which aligns with their brand.

YAHAHA's Co-Create function is already live and is seeing a significant increase in traffic, search, downloads, and topic engagement since its launch. Learn more: https://yahaha.com