Platige Image named Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner
March 2, 2023

Platige Image named Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner

Platige Image, a company specializing in innovative graphic designs, 3D animations, and virtual TV scenography, has been named by Epic Games as an Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner. Platige Image has been working with Unreal Engine to expand the scope of the company’s creator activities in the broadcast and virtual production spheres. Platige Image will support international projects by leveraging its many years of experience in the industry.
"We are proud of the achievements of our team and the hard work they have put into the development of our company. Platige Image has always focused on innovation and quality" said Karol Żbikowski, CEO of Platige Image. "Joining the ranks of companies named as an Unreal Authorized Service Partner is a natural step in the technological development of our studio. As part of the Authorized Service Partner program, we will be able to share the experience we have gained over the years and open ourselves up to new opportunities for collaboration. It is another step in our continuous development, which also confirms the immense potential of our company," he added.

Unreal Authorized Service Partner Program      
The starting point for being recognized by the program was the innovative use of Unreal Engine by the Platige Events & Broadcast team in the television industry. In recent years, Platige Image has carried out a number of successful television production projects, such as live graphics in Augmented Reality technology, as well as virtual studio and set designs.

"The biggest challenge and breakthrough moment in our work with Unreal Engine was creating a fully functional, production-ready, and comprehensive system for creating Augmented Reality graphics in television broadcasts. I'm referring to our AR graphics used in the closing ceremony of EURO 2020 at Wembley in London, where we utilized the fantastic quality of graphics generated by Unreal and embedded them in a stable TV production environment. Our entire system met the rigorous standards set for TV broadcasters during EURO 2020 and ultimately received UEFA's approval" said Marek Jankowski, Head of Events & Broadcast at Platige Image.

As part of the program, Platige Image will receive access to webinars and specialized training. For Platige Image, the company will primarily be focused on support for Virtual Set projects or virtual TV scenography. Its long-standing experience in computer graphics and special effects, combined with TV production, has enabled Platige Image to develop proprietary technologies that can be tailored to clients' individual needs.

"The Unreal Authorized Service Partner Program offers significant growth potential for Platige and the development of our team's competencies. Our business goal is to expand and enhance our staff's skills and enter foreign markets. I believe this announcement will increase our competitive advantages while providing our team with continuous growth and the opportunity to view the industry through an international lens" said Karol Żbikowski.

"This is a significant technological event for us. Working with the world’s most advanced real-time 3D tools in Unreal Engine, we have an excellent opportunity to expand our capabilities and increase the value of our projects. We are confident that obtaining the status of an Unreal Authorized Service Partner will allow us to utilize the potential of this outstanding technology better" said Tomasz Kruszona, CTO of Platige Image. 

Virtual Production
Virtual production has been used in studios worldwide for several years. Platige Image's solution is notable for its great flexibility as the system implemented is not rigidly fixed but enables a variety of screen sizes, shapes, and densities to be used, as well as different types of cameras and lenses. For real places that require virtual relocation, the best possible photographic documentation or 3D scans of spaces is essential, and the Platige team are experts in that area.

Moreover, authorized service partners will also have the opportunity to collaborate. Studios can take advantage of the business hub being created to carry out joint projects requiring different competencies.

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