New game "Gear Out" launches January 2023 for Meta Quest VR platforms
January 23, 2023

New game "Gear Out" launches January 2023 for Meta Quest VR platforms

“Gear Out” is a brand new virtual reality puzzle game for Meta Quest platforms. Players search for gears in a tense and atmospheric underground environment, negotiating interactive obstacles and avoiding a few nasty surprises. Once found, if the gears are assembled in the correct order, the player progresses to the next level.
There are 13 different room levels, each more challenging than the previous one. Some require the player to search mazes for the hidden gears. Some have a timer imperative, such as crushing walls or flooding rooms for the player to race against. Many levels have interactive objects to engage with and some have a few jumpy surprises tucked away.

The puzzles and objects in the 13 levels can be further randomized to create (at least in theory) 9,999 variations of each puzzle level for extended game time.

Gear Out has been created entirely for the Meta Quest platforms and is compatible with Quest 1, 2, and Pro. Special attention has been given to the control options to cater to those who prefer to play seated, standing, or roaming, and with one or two controllers. In addition, there are different teleport, turning, and movement options that can be assigned to either controller as the player prefers.

Game creator David Cox of Forward Thinking Interactive (“ForthInteract”), who is also a post production specialist, compositor, and VFX artist said, “The game took several months to complete and has benefitted from an extensive beta test process, where users of SideQuest platforms were invited to try the game out and provide feedback. This directly generated numerous new and improved features within Gear Out.”

Gear Out is available for purchase from the Meta App Lab Store. The initial purchase price is $9.99.