releases new mobile app, making AAA mocap accessible to all content creators
March 1, 2023 releases new mobile app, making AAA mocap accessible to all content creators

The new app uses artificial intelligence to dramatically lower the barrier to entry on motion capture -- enabling anyone to instantly turn movement into animation with no suits required. is bringing high-fidelity markerless motion capture to the masses with software that extracts human motion from video using advanced AI.

Through its new iOS application users can generate studio-quality mocap, in the palm of their hand. With a minimum of two iPhones and a maximum of six, users can capture motion data from anyone, anywhere, at AAA game studio quality. 

The app works with any new, old or refurbished iPhones, from the iPhone 8 onwards, up to the latest iPhone 14 model, running iOS 15 or above. The beta program has already seen over 20,000 sign ups pre-launch and the technology is already being used by AAA studios. 

For the first time the technology truly democratizes motion capture. Creators now have the ability to set up in minutes, in any environment at a cost that is exponentially lower than traditional suit and sensor based solutions. The software is also able to capture completely natural movement without the restrictions of wearing suits.  

With a two-minute free trial and a dollar-a-day yearly subscription, unlocks a new realm of creative potential and possibilities, enabling content creators to explore avenues previously out of reach due to budget or equipment limitations. Thanks to the free trial account, which has the same benefits and features as the Creator account, users can explore and test the app, to confirm it meets their needs. 

The app is available to download now from the App Store.


Free Trial: Two free minutes of usage to try out the app.

Creator: One-off payment of $365 with unlimited usage for 12 months (subject to fair use). 

Fred Isaac, Head of Product at, comments: “For me, one of my favorite parts of the app is the simplicity. Anyone, anywhere can pick up the app and start capturing human motion with intricate detail, including hands, which are notoriously difficult to capture.   

“Our greatest achievement so far has been capturing motion from a person using a jetpack, but we’ve also explored the app’s possibilities in various activities such as dance and sports, and even being able to capture fundamental human emotions.”

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