Digital Film Technology appoints Managing Director Gunter Weidlich
January 19, 2023

Digital Film Technology appoints Managing Director Gunter Weidlich

The board of Prasad Corp. has appointed Gunter Weidlich as managing director for Digital Film Technology (DFT). Prasad Corp, is a world leader in film preservation, digitization, and restoration, and the owner of Digital Film Technology.
DFT has been at the forefront of film scanning technology for over 75 years. It has been providing solutions for film post-production, archives, and restoration with a range of high-quality, leading-edge products and services.

Gunter Weidlich comes in with more than three decades of experience in managing development, operations, and support for media and broadcast vendors, and electro-mechanical manufacturers. This includes more than a decade of leadership experience in the production of high-end film scanners and image processing software.

He was one of DFT’s founding managing directors in 2012 having been involved with products such as Spirit Classic, Spirit 4K, and Scanity.

“I am happy to be back at DFT and I am looking forward to supporting the company on its technically exciting and demanding journey.  Listening to our customer’s needs and challenges is key for providing successful solutions,” says Gunter Weidlich, managing director of Digital Film Technology.

"We are very pleased that Gunter accepted our invitation to return to DFT leading the company into its new phase of technology and growth," says Saiprasad, director of Prasad Corp. "Gunter comes with a deep understanding of our customers industry coupled with a rich technical and operational background. His long experience in the film scanning domain and product management convinced us that he is the right person to lead DFT. He is very much aligned with the principles and philosophy of Prasad. We look forward to working with him to realize our vision.”