3Dconnexion set to make first-time splash at GDC 2023
March 20, 2023

3Dconnexion set to make first-time splash at GDC 2023

3Dconnexion, the manufacturer of the well-known SpaceMouse range of 3D mice, is pleased to announce that it is exhibiting for the first time at the Game Developer Conference (GDC), held in San Francisco between March 20-25. 
This exciting occasion marks 3Dconnexion's inaugural presence at this premier professional game industry event. Through a series of new software integrations, the company has recently expanded its offering to the digital content creation field for game developers, artists and 3D creators who will be attending the show.

“Our products are designed to revolutionize the way users work, by streamlining and optimizing their workflow like never before.” said Antonio Pascucci, Chief Executive Officer at 3Dconnexion. “With our tools, we believe game developers will be able to improve their immersive creative experience by having fun, saving time, and ultimately achieving their goals faster.”

3Dconnexion devices now have fully compatible support in Unreal Engine, Unity, iClone, along with many other industry-standard apps such as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, ZBrush that complete a dedicated solution for the entire digital content creation workflow. SpaceMouse allows users to navigate seamlessly around models and scenes, while simultaneously activating application commands to speed up users’ workflows. 

“The ability to navigate through scenes by just slightly turning and twisting the controller cap creates a very fluid motion during your workflow,” said Jonathan Winbush, award-winning motion graphics artist. “It’s a much more intuitive way to navigate around your scenes in Unreal Engine compared to traditional methods with the keyboard and scroll wheel.”

3Dconnexion also made its first appearance at SIGGRAPH in 2022, where event attendees were excited to be able to try 3Dconnexion products for the first time. Many attendees were surprised to see how an improved navigation experience would benefit their design process.

“SpaceMouse provides an immersive workspace experience, allowing artists to feel fully integrated in their creative environment,” said Paul Babb, Chief Marketing Officer at Maxon. “This enables them to freely move around the virtual space, and more easily visualize and implement their artistic vision.”

Attendees and press members are encouraged to visit the 3Dconnexion booth (Booth S134) located in the expo hall at GDC to try out the products in their favorite media and entertainment application.

More about 3Dconnexion: https://3dconnexion.com