Wild Capture’s Cohort fashion tools deliver lifelike digital human clothing for live and Metaverse experiences at London Fashion Week 2022
September 20, 2022

Wild Capture’s Cohort fashion tools deliver lifelike digital human clothing for live and Metaverse experiences at London Fashion Week 2022

Wild Capture (wildcapture.io/), a technology and services company for the creation of digital humans, is pleased to announce it is partnering with The Immersive KIND NFT Gallery and 3D Fashion House ( theimmersivekind.com/), a multidisciplinary collective exploring tomorrow through creative technology, at London Fashion Week 2022. 
Wild Capture was tapped by Kadine James, noted global metaverse strategist at Accenture and CEO and Founder of The Immersive KIND, to produce bespoke digital human performance models specifically for artists Tetiana Rozmoritsa, Yashvanth Kumar, and Aya Skikh whose designs will be included in the collective’s various experiential events during the show. 

Wild Capture Cohort technology provides CG cloth for digital human models using volumetric video.
According to James, the collaboration with Wild Capture supports a metaverse fashion experience that is reflective of the future of the fashion industry. Hosted on Spatial as a virtual world event, The Immersive KIND event space will go live on Wednesday, September 21, and remain on display until September 28, 2022. The experience aims to bring together designers, artists, musicians, DJs, and innovators from around the world to celebrate the explosion of creativity taking place in London in true Web 3.0 style. (Note: The Wild Capture digital human performance videos can be viewed on The Immersive KIND Metaverse venue throughout the event.) 
Wild Capture’s next-generation Digital Human Platform enables artists and creators to produce high-quality digital humans with cutting-edge volumetric video technologies. For The Immersive KIND, Wild Capture imported the artist's clothing models into its Cohort Fashion (Cohort) tool that blends volumetric video, AI, and USD technologies to capture a live human performance from many angles simultaneously. The Cohort pipeline creates customized, computer-generated lifelike physics and texture onto three-dimensional digital human characters for each virtual performer that will be projected for display at the event. 

Creative computer-generated clothing from Wild Capture creates customizable digital human characters for all 3D pipelines.
View the Wild Capture video here: https://vimeo.com/750164352
“We’re thrilled to partner with The Immersive KIND to bring digital human fashion performance technology to London Fashion Week that bridges the gap of imagination for digital humans and fashion,“ says Will Driscoll, CEO Wild Capture. “Our immersive Cohort fashion tools drive creativity, saving time and money with software for metaverse, fashion, and e-commerce.” 
“It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with Wild Capture to present audiences at London Fashion Week an exceptional immersive experience and live display with their digital humans,” says James. “Wild Capture’s digital fashion technology has allowed us to elevate our collective creative vision in presenting 3D human likeness and digital fashion in new and powerful ways.”