Platige Image's new <i>Company of Heroes 3</i> cinematic trailer premieres at The Game Awards 2022
December 21, 2022

Platige Image's new Company of Heroes 3 cinematic trailer premieres at The Game Awards 2022

Platige Image's new live-action trailer for the latest installment of the hit strategy game Company of Heroes premiered during The Game Awards 2022, the year's most-watched game industry award show.
Company of Heroes 3 is the latest in a series of strategy games set in the realities of World War II. Platige Image's sneak-peek cinematic trailer combines live-action with VFX and is a creative interpretation of actual missions and events that occur throughout the game's narrative campaign.

Developed for Relic Entertainment, Inc., this exciting new trailer announcing the console version of Company of Heroes 3 is presented in four distinct sections. The first part presents the exit of so-called “fox holes” and the infantry strike on a town. Then, the action shifts to a naval strike performed by the main characters. Next, spectators are taken to skirmishes played out in the narrow streets of an Italian coastal town occupied by Axis forces. The final scene depicts the climactic destruction of a German Panzer tank. “We had little time to show all these sequences, which forced short, dynamic, yet perfect shots,” says director Tomek Suwalski, who received the Young Director Award at Cannes for his work on the Metro Exodus - Artyom's Nightmare trailer.

Platige Image is one of the leading studios producing cinematic trailers for games. Their portfolio includes top global publishers like SEGA, Ubisoft, Activision, Smilegate, and CD Projekt Red. Experience with Relic Entertainment, a Canadian giant of the computer game market and creator of the Company of Heroes series, as well as SEGA Europe Limited, meant that the trailer production was not just another professional challenge but, based on the atmosphere on the set, a potent mixture of passion and pleasure.

"That was yet another opportunity to work on this project and the second live-action trailer. While creating materials for the previous parts, we explored the brand nuances and deepened our historical and military knowledge of World War II, which made our work a bit easier," comments Suwalski.

In addition to the authentically portrayed soldiers and their outfits, the trailer also features historically accurate props and military vehicles. Viewers can admire computer-generated 3D models of Panzer, Churchill, and Sherman tanks, P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft, and many more. “Since this is a historical production, we naturally drew inspiration from the past. Based on the photo and video archives, we detailed each piece of armaments and vehicles and recreated them to look like originals,” remarks Bartek Kmita, VFX supervisor responsible for graphic elements. 

“Relic and SEGA entrusted Platige to deliver a live-action trailer of this magnitude thanks to our long history of collaborative development. Once again, we delivered a highly cinematic and artistic trailer, which, despite the increasing production challenges is, in our opinion, even better than the previous ones,” notes Hanna Drewek, producer.

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