Outlook 2022: Studios Will Continue to Refine Production Pipelines
Rob Hoffmann
January 14, 2022

Outlook 2022: Studios Will Continue to Refine Production Pipelines

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, studios and artists have had to adapt to the new normal of remote and hybrid work environments. The idea of this was unsettling to some from a productivity, IT, logistics and security standpoint, and there have been, and still are ‘growing pains’, but benefits to this new normal are starting to be realized.

This drastic change in production has come at a time when content creators are being asked to deliver a larger volume of higher fidelity content than ever before, and meet and exceed client expectations, as well as consumers' insatiable appetite for new content.
Impact from the new working norm has not been subtle. Artists are experiencing a greater work/life balance and are able to work for studios without having to relocate. Studios have the ability to reduce overhead by moving the studio to the artist instead of relocating talent halfway around the world.
In 2022, there will be no going back to how and where artists worked pre-social distancing. Rather, studios will continue to refine their production pipelines, and implement new realtime and remote solutions. Additionally, collaboration and innovation will accelerate amongst those who develop the hardware and software tools used in production.

Rob Hoffmann is Senior Worldwide Industry Manager, Media & Entertainment at Lenovo (lenovo.com).