Morgenrot showcases MASAMUNE interactive photorealistic rendering solution at SIGGRAPH 2022
August 8, 2022

Morgenrot showcases MASAMUNE interactive photorealistic rendering solution at SIGGRAPH 2022

Morgenrot, the cloud-based distributed computing power solution provider announces the showcase of its latest technology development, MASAMUNE interactive rendering solution at SIGGRAPH 2022. MASAMUNE is a cost-effective remote-and-immersive interactive streaming solution. The showcase will demonstrate its integration capability, realizing scalable and interactive rendering with photorealistic path-tracing and rasterization, on clustered systems with multiple display configurations. It will also highlight how Morgenrot is able to work with partners to integrate their technology in a scalable manner from CAVE systems to streaming solutions on mobile browsers without imposing heavy tasks.
Morgenrot’s interactive rendering technology has a wide range of real-world applications especially in the field of tomography used in multiple areas of science, quantum computing, radiology, etc.

Distributed data centers powered by renewable energy
Morgenrot offers cloud based distributed computing solutions that allow end users to tap on high performance computing power anytime anywhere as they need. Morgenrot's proprietary algorithm Excalibur based platform distributes computing tasks across the company's data center network, and significantly improves overall performance reducing project time and cost. Morgenrot builds containerized server solutions operated by green power. The company works with renewable energy providers such as wind farm operators to place our containerized data centers next to the wind farms and tap renewable electricity to generate green data. 

Morgenrot offers various rendering services to meet customer needs

Render Pool: Using GPU servers for massively distributed parallel processing powers, RenderPool performs high-speed rendering at a low cost. By applying Morgenrot's distributed computing service, 292 hours of local rendering time could be reduced to 15 hours. 

M:CPP: Morgenrot's cloud GPU service uses the latest technology of AMD and NVIDIA's high-end GPUs targeted for various GPU based computation workloads. M:CPP frees up the problems that come up with platform selection such as cost, specifications, performance, etc. to provide GPU resources quickly for engineers to concentrate on project.

Voxel Pool: Morgenrot, in collaboration with Hokkaido University, developed the next generation tomography solution that delivers visualization of  3D volumetric data that bundles a huge amount of 2D images taken at ultra high resolution (technology showcase only).

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