GeForce NOW: In the Game
Phil Eisler, Nvidia
January 5, 2022

GeForce NOW: In the Game

Nvidia with its GeForce NOW is kicking off the new year by bringing more games, more devices and more networks to itscloud gaming ecosystem.
The next pair of Electronic Arts games, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield V, is streaming on GeForce NOW. The company is also working closely with a few titans in their respective industries: AT&T and Samsung. AT&T and Nvidia have joined forces as collaborators in 5G technical innovation to deliver one of the world’s best gaming experiences. To celebrate, a special promotion for certain AT&T 5G subscribers is ongoing.

Going from the small screen to the big screen, GeForce NOW will be arriving on select Samsung TVs later this year.

On the Battlefield

Prepare for impact. Battlefield 4: Premium Edition and Battlefield V: Definitive Edition join the collection of Electronic Arts titles streaming from the cloud. Users can embrace unrivaled destruction in Battlefield 4: Premium Edition (Steam and Origin). They can play across dynamic, interactive battlefield environments that react in real time to their reactions. They can trigger a shipwreck, flood the streets for a tactical advantage, or take the edge on massive, chaotic maps with dozens of different vehicles. Plus, they can take on an intense single-player campaign where you’ll need to evacuate critical American VIPs from Shanghai and battle against the odds to get their squad home in times of international crisis.

Experience the ultimate war experience in Battlefield V: Definitive Edition (Steam and Origin). Enter mankind’s greatest conflict across land, air and sea and immerse yourself in the hard-fought battles of World War II. With all gameplay content unlocked from the get-go, choose from the complete arsenal of weapons, vehicles and gadgets available to stand out on the battlefield with the complete roster of Elites.

Get locked and loaded to play these games and more from Electronic Arts today on GeForce NOW.

Improved Streaming on 5G

Teaming up as 5G technical innovation collaborators, GeForce NOW is bringing the power of PC gaming to gamers with fast, reliable, secure AT&T 5G with a new offer.

Starting in January, AT&T customers with a 5G device on a 5G unlimited plan or another qualifying unlimited plan can get a six-month GeForce NOW Priority membership at no charge (a $49.99 value). Priority members enjoy an experience of up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, with priority access to GeForce NOW servers and extended session lengths of up to six hours. They also have access to RTX games.

Streaming to Even More TVs, Soon

Nvidia is collaborating with Samsung to bring GeForce NOW to its Smart TVs. Its cloud gaming service will be added to the Samsung Gaming Hub, a new game-streaming discovery platform that bridges hardware and software to provide a better player experience.

The company will have more announcements later this year, but anticipate the streaming experience being available in Q2.

This follows last month’s beta release of the GeForce NOW app for LG 2021 WebOS Smart TVs. The beta app is available in the LG Content Store for certain 2021 models. Stay tuned for updates as Nvidia approaches a full release and adds support for additional TVs, including 2022 models.

2021 delivered a host of great benefits for members, notably the GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership with 1440p and 120 FPS gameplay streaming from the cloud.

2022 is sure to deliver, so check back every GFN Thursday as Nvidia shares news on upcoming game launches, new game releases, service updates and more.