FutureWorks Academy opens its doors to train the next generation of VFX artists
November 18, 2022

FutureWorks Academy opens its doors to train the next generation of VFX artists

FutureWorks, experts in end-to-end film production, recently announced their new training framework for FutureWorks Academy. As demand for high end VFX work continues to rise and the industry is facing a critical skills shortage, FutureWorks Academy provides entry-level artists a clear path to success: the opportunity to learn from senior level professionals and work on live projects in a structured, supportive environment.
The academy is overseen and managed by Savita Shekhawat, Head of Training and Development at FutureWorks. With 25 years of industry experience both in artist and leadership roles, Savita has a wealth of experience spanning 2D cell animation to 3D, and more. 

Savita Shekawat, Head of Training
The six month long training program is free of charge and comprises three levels:
  • • Level one provides an overview of the industry, enabling entry-level talent to gain insight into the types of work and required skills. 
  • • At Level two, students get the chance to discover their area of interest and benefit from training with a senior artist.
  • • The final level is a paid internship which provides the opportunity to work on ongoing projects. The hands-on experience received as their mentor guides them through the practical aspects of working on a shot is a game changer for training and development in the VFX industry.
Once artists have completed all three levels successfully, they’re offered a three-year service agreement with a remuneration and career development projection. 
“Our goal with FutureWorks Academy is to make the Media and Entertainment Industry as attractive a career prospect as other technical industries such as IT or Engineering. Starting with Chennai, we plan to open training academies in other locations in the future, creating a whole ecosystem dedicated to nurturing new talent.” - Gaurav Gupta, Managing Director & Founder, FutureWorks. 

Gaurav Gupta, Founder and CEO of FutureWorks
“Building this program and overseeing the development of our students has been hugely rewarding. As the demand for content grows, so does the need to bridge the gap between the current capabilities and the new, expanded potential. We want to ensure that we give our artists all the tools they need to succeed in their careers, including regular one-on-one review sessions that provide actionable short-term goals as they progress through the ranks.” - Savita Shekhawat, Head of Training, FutureWorks Academy.
Located in Chennai, FutureWorks Academy is now accepting 18 entry-level artists in each batch per month. Candidates are placed into smaller groups with the same mentor who guides them through the entire training process, ensuring they have ample time for tailored career development and access to specialized training. 
The training currently offered by FutureWorks Academy is fully in-person, with approximately 80% of students coming from the immediate geographic area of Chennai, India.  

Learn more: futureworks.in