track's cineSync Supports 360 Video Review
April 23, 2021

track's cineSync Supports 360 Video Review

STOCKHOLM — The April 2021 update of cineSync, ftrack's Academy Award- and Emmy-winning desktop-based media review solution, is now available. cineSync’s update introduces 360 video review, animation ghosting, and various improvements for more effective collaboration.
cineSync now fully supports 360 video content. 360s or “latlongs” are a video format currently redefining on-set virtual production on projects like Disney's The Mandalorian. With cineSync, creators of 360 content can review and approve latlongs in advance of their use on set. Users can view spherical 360 video in a standard rectangular viewing window, pan around the image, and add positionally accurate annotations, all in real-time sync with other collaborators.

cineSync's annotation tools now allow for "ghosting"—the display of sketches across multiple frames. Ghosting is particularly useful when working in animation, for example, when sketching out an object’s proposed trajectory across several frames. cineSync offers control over how many frames the ghosting effect is shown, before or after the annotated frame.

Updated Amazon S3 file transfer functionality means users can more easily transfer encrypted review content anywhere in the world. For guests, this means an automated download process: guests can jump into a review session and access review content without manually downloading the files under review. In all cases, the content remains fully encrypted and playable only in cineSync. Review owners can set the content to auto-delete from the guest machine at the end of the review if they so wish.