VIEW Conference Launches 2021 PreVIEW Season
January 12, 2021

VIEW Conference Launches 2021 PreVIEW Season

TORINO, ITALY – VIEW Conference accelerates into 2021 with a trio of exclusive PreVIEW events. Free to attend, each session features online conversation with a team of animation professionals as they discuss their latest projects.
Friday, January 15, at 10:00am PST / 6:00pm UK / 19:00 CET, VIEW invites you to Go Behind the Scenes of Netflix’s First Three Animated Shorts. Launched in the fall of 2020, these three short films assert Netflix’s belief that a great story can come in any size, shape or length, with each film using diverse animation techniques to tell a powerful and emotionally-charged story about challenging social issues.

During the session, director Frank Abney and producer Paige Johnstone present Canvas, a passion project exploring the healing power of love in the face of overwhelming grief. Directors Will McCormack and Michael Govier talk about If Anything Happens I Love You, which tackles the devastating aftermath of a shooting incident at a school. Directors Arnon Manor and Timothy Ware-Hill discuss Cops and Robbers, an animated interpretation of Ware-Hill’s powerful poem about racial injustice and the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Ramin Zahed, editor-in-chief of Animation Magazine moderates.

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On Saturday, January 30, at 10:00am PST / 6:00pm UK / 19:00 CET, VIEW opens the doors on a six-time Emmy Award-winning animation studio with Baobab Studios at 5: Innovations in Animated Storytelling. Join Baobab’s CEO and co-founder Maureen Fan, CCO and co-founder Eric Darnell, CTO and co-founder Larry Cutler and head of content Kane Lee, as they share their insights on the studio’s first five years creating a new generation of real-time animated stories.

The team also discusses their latest animated experience, Baba Yaga, a VR exploration of the classic Eastern European legend, rendered using a range of visual styles including illustrative 2D pop-up, hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, and enhancing interactivity through a dynamic AI that places participants at the heart of the story.

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On Friday, February 12, at 9:00am PST / 5:00pm UK / 18:00 CET, in our 3rd PreVIEW, director Gitanjali Rao speaks about her debut animated feature Bombay Rose. An award-winning festival favorite, the film took two years to complete at PaperBoat Animation Studios, and tells the story of a young dancer living on the streets of Bombay.

The 2021 PreVIEW season will deliver a range of inspiring events every month through to the official launch of VIEW Conference on October 17.