The Third Floor Updates Cyclops Virtual Production Tool
October 25, 2021

The Third Floor Updates Cyclops Virtual Production Tool

LONDON — The Third Floor has announced a new version of its iOS virtual production tool, Cyclops. 
With expanded features and production-friendly capabilities that allow CG assets to be quickly previewed on-set in AR, Cyclops AR Version 3.0 continues to help put the power of visualization in the hands of filmmakers and crews to maximize their creativity and planning. Cyclops 3.0 increases the accuracy and ease with which teams can view and evaluate digital assets within real-world sets and locations, providing simulcam-like overlays from readily available devices and with a minimum production footprint.

Cyclops supports creative and technical decision-making for many members of the crew. Directors can use it to confirm the overall creative vision. Visual effects teams can quickly gauge how the final comp may look. Directors of photography and camera operators can plan initial framing, and the cast can better understand the CG components and creatures that are part of the shot.

"In developing Cyclops, we wanted to have a simple way for filmmakers to see how CG characters and sets would look while out filming," remarked Eric Carney, TTF Founder / VFX Supervisor. “The initial concept originated on the final season of Game of Thrones. While on a scout, the director and DP asked how big the dragon would look when he landed in the field. At the time, I didn't have a good way to convey that. But from that moment came the idea for Cyclops: a quick and easy way to visualize CG characters and environments while on location or set that can be easily shared with everyone. This new version of Cyclops builds on that promise with many refinements in the UI and new tools and features, including the ability to visualize CG assets and sets while in the office."

Prior versions of Cyclops presented previews based on video being captured by the user’s phone or tablet device while physically present at a shooting location. Now, with a new dedicated Virtual Camera Mode, Cyclops allows users to see and explore digital versions of any set or location no matter where they are. The newly added Image and Video Gallery makes it easier to review any photos or videos taken in Cyclops. Cyclops will store image/videos metadata, including time, date, focal length, aspect ratio and film back. Cyclops also saves GPS and compass info as well as 3D scene info so camera positions can be easily recreated in previs. 

The Third Floor’s new secure Medusa server enables quick and secure downloads of new content to Cyclops without needing to recompile.