The Power of BOXX: BOXX Hosts Tech Sessions at GTC 21
April 12, 2021

The Power of BOXX: BOXX Hosts Tech Sessions at GTC 21

AUSTIN, TX— BOXX Technologies, the leading innovator of high-performance computer workstations, rendering systems, and servers, will host informative sessions focused on remote work and featuring its FLEXX and RAXX products, as well as BOXX Cloud, at the virtual GPU Technology Conference, GTC 21. 
BOXX will also introduce an NVIDIA Omniverse case study session with global architecture studio, Woods Bagot. Held from April 12-16, GTC 21 focuses on technological advances that will provide breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, data center, accelerated computing, intelligent networking, and more.

“Even prior to the worldwide pandemic, BOXX had placed a strong emphasis on remote work, offering solutions like FLEXX, which is accessible from your data center or via BOXX Cloud,” said Bill Leasure, BOXX VP of Marketing. “Powered by NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs, we’re enabling organizations to accelerate workflows and work remotely, access data, creative content, team projects, and more.”

Hosted by BOXX Technical Marketing Manager Phil Lowrey, “Remote Workstation Solutions for Maximum Performance” #SS33063, takes an in-depth look at remote work options, covering concepts like scale out vs. scale up when upgrading IT resources, the pathway to virtualization and remote work, and estimated cost percentages per users. The session also offers key insights for choosing the optimal solutions for various workforce scenarios: bare metal rack workstations like the BOXX RAXX, performance virtual workstations like RAXX VDI, and high density bare metal or virtualized solutions like FLEXX.

While this session concludes with a brief overview of BOXX Cloud, a more detailed discussion can be found in the GTC 21 session “Cloud-Based Workstations for the New Work-From-Anywhere Reality” #SS33064 hosted by Nick Pandher, BOXX Cloud Product Marketing Manager.

BOXX systems will also host “Real-Time Collaboration for Architects Using Omniverse” #SS33021. In this session, Robert Cervellione, AIA, of Woods Bagot presents his real world CAD workflow using BOXX workstations and NVIDIA Omniverse, the revolutionary platform that enables remote access, virtual collaboration, and real-time physically accurate simulation for digital content creators and their applications.

Lastly, in the session “SOLIDWORKS Visualize: Recent Developments” #S31988, “SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design Champion” Jason Pohl, best known for his work on the long-running television series “American Chopper,” sits down with SOLIDWORKS Senior Solutions Consultant Mike Sande to discuss the use of real-time graphics for product design and the importance of instant results using his BOXX APEXX Denali workstation equipped with an NVIDIA RTX GPU.