Technicolor Unveils New Creative Organization & Vision
May 25, 2021

Technicolor Unveils New Creative Organization & Vision

LOS ANGELES – Technicolor haslaunched Technicolor Creative Studios, forming a collaborative global structure to drive innovation and creativity across its family of studios. 
As the company’s flagship division, it focuses on the transformation of the entertainment, experiential and advertising industries, maintaining Technicolor's position as the leading VFX partner in Hollywood. The robust studio network includes The Mill, MPC (Film, Episodic & Advertising), Mikros Animation and Mr. X.
Each award-winning studio retains its own unique identity and market position, continuing to provide world-class services to clients and partners across many industry categories. The combined strength of Technicolor Creative Studios harnesses the collective experience and discoveries of each member of the studio family, expanding artistic capabilities and propelling the possibilities to greater heights, from VFX, XR and animation to design, direction and production.
The newly organized division has a new leadership team led by Christian Roberton, President of Technicolor Creative Studios, who reports to Technicolor CEO Richard Moat and has been a key senior management team member supporting Technicolor’s broad reorganization. Christian’s team includes:
- David Patton, President of Customer Experience & Advertising 
- Andrea Miloro, President of Mikros Animation 
- Tom Williams – Global Managing Director, MPC Episodic
- Laura Fitzpatrick, Global Managing Director, Mr. X  
- Philip Greenlow, Global Managing Director of MPC Film
- Mark Benson, CEO of MPC Advertising 
- Josh Mandel, CEO of The Mill
“By working together to share best practices and discoveries, Technicolor Creative Studios will push the boundaries of creativity and innovation more than ever before and make possible the realization of ambitious and extraordinary ideas,” said Roberton. “The formation of Technicolor Creative Studios is the result of a series of transformation initiatives begun over a year ago designed to facilitate collaboration, integrate technology, enable increased artistry and unleash top talent. These steps have proven to be incredibly effective as they’ve maintained the top quality of content produced despite the challenges of COVID-19. We are better positioned than ever to further invest in new technology platforms, facilitate a broader creative offering and meet the changing needs of our clients, partners and collaborators.”
Technicolor Creative Studios’ new proposition – “Beyond Imagination” – comes from a desire to spark unparalleled creativity, pushing the boundaries of the imagination to bring groundbreaking and unforgettable ideas to life.