Smart Cooperation of IMK & CoreTechnologie: 3D Human Sim for All CAD Formats
October 14, 2021

Smart Cooperation of IMK & CoreTechnologie: 3D Human Sim for All CAD Formats

The 3D Kernel IO Software Development Kit (SDK) from the German-French software manufacturer CoreTechnologie (CT) is now integrated in the current version of the Ema Software Suite. The cooperation means that 3D human simulation and virtual workplace and process design are now directly compatible with all common CAD systems and formats. 
 The Ema Software Suite enables consistent digital production and assembly planning as well as precise process planning for the human-robot collaboration. A unique selling point of the planning tool is the time analysis and ergonomics assessment with comprehensive consideration of the standard performance reference. In order to simulate complex manufacturing scenarios with human involvement precisely and realistically, throughput times are determined validly on the basis of the digital human model and the ergonomic boundary conditions.
The integration of CoreTechnologie's Software Development Kit (SDK) 3D Kernel IO gives IMK an easy and fast access to all major 3D formats. The CT interface tool includes 34 different interfaces such as Catia, Nx, Creo, Solidworks and Inventor as well as JT, STEP, IFC and typical visualization formats such as FBX, GLTF and OBJ. By using the SDK, IMK can always provide its customers with the latest interface versions.
The SDK 3D Kernel IO is a complete in-house development by CoreTechnologie and can be licensed by software manufacturers as part of a worldwide  flat rate. By being able to read in CAD formats directly and without detours, IMK realizes an independent 3D data workflow as well as flexible application options for its software in any system environment.

Image credit: IMK Automotive