Reallusion Offers ActorCore 3D People
September 14, 2021

Reallusion Offers ActorCore 3D People

Reallusion, the developer of Character Creator and iClone real-time animation software, has launched a major upgrade for its browser-based 3D content platform, ActorCore. 
Currently being integrated with NVIDIA Omniverse platform on digital twins projects, including drive scene simulation and BMW’s manufacturing visualization, and adopted by professional animators for 3D archviz applications, ActorCore has brought to the market a new standard of 3D people for crowd scene usage. These lightweight characters are fully-rigged for facial, body, and lip-sync animations, suitable from long to middle camera ranges. Along with an extensive library of 3D motions, and FBX file export formats compatible with all major 3D tools, ActorCore is the best 3D content marketplace for real-time animation and business simulations.

In contrast to commonly used 3D human models with no natural movements and expressions, ActorCore actors come with vivid facial and body animations designed for the different camera (long to the middle) ranges ideal for crowd scenes.

From photorealistic scanned people to sci-fi, fantasy, historical, and toon figures created with Character Creator, a variety of characters are now available on ActorCore. Simply import these animation-ready characters, with application-specific download formats, to get an optimal rendering quality.

A complete character rig with eyes, jaw, shoulders, fingers, and toe articulations; ensures the most realistic animations through AAA mocap data. All ActorCore characters come with the same facial topology for consistent expression editing and lip-sync control. PBR Materials are also merged for best crowd rendering performance.

With 60 facial blendshapes, all ActorCore characters support natural expressions and talking animations. Besides animating with ActorCore motions, all characters are fully controllable inside iClone and other 3D animation tools. 

actorSCAN vs actorBUILD
ActorCore offers two character types – actorSCAN and actorBUILD, which are created through different pipelines while being fully-rigged, facial animation-ready, and lightweight.
actorSCAN characters are designed to enliven business simulations with the most realistic, fully controllable photogrammetry scanned humans.

actorBUILD offers multiple character forms tailored through Character Creator, with a wide variety of body shapes, outfits, accessories, and hairstyles for games, film, and interactive projects.

ActorCore characters are 100% compatible with ActorCore motions, allowing one character with multiple gestures for multiple uses. To meet mocap motion demands from different industries, ActorCore offers thousands of motions in well-planned themes designed for game, film, interactive projects, archviz, training, simulation, digital twins, and more.

All ActorCore content is compatible with major 3D programs including Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, MotionBuilder, Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema4D, and iClone. Step-by-step guides and tutorials are provided for each program, along with optimized Auto Setup plugins, and Import Presets to ease workflow.